Ultherapy - Ultrasound Skin Treatment (Ультразвуковая терапия)

Ultherapy – Ultrasound Skin Treatment

It is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that helps to lift and tighten the areas of the neck, the skin under the chin, eyebrows and smoothes the fine lines and wrinkles on the décolleté area. After the ultherapy procedure the skin of the patient from the brow to the chest gets a fresh, youthful and glowing appearance.

Many clinical studies, that have been conducted worldwide, have proved the ultrasound skin treatment is a safe and effective method of skin lifting and tightening.

The procedure is performed by means of focused ultrasound applied to the problematic areas of the skin. After the procedure you body’s own healing processes start to lift, tone and tighten the loose skin of the brow, neck, under the chin and décolleté area. The ultrasound imaging allows the doctors/physicians and aesthetic medicine professional to see the layers of the skin tissue, which should be targeted during the procedure to provide a more lasting results. The patient undergoing this procedure gets the appropriate anesthesia prior and during the treatment.
This is the only FDA-approved non-invasive treatment for skin lifting.

What are the Benefits of Ultrasound Skin Treatment?

The benefits of this procedure are:

  • It tightens the skin and gives it a more youthful appearance
  • The main benefit is that the procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical
  • No downtime (recovery period) is needed after the treatment
  • The results after treatment are very natural
  • The results are long lasting

The Side Effects of Ultherapy

This procedure is considered as a very safe. Besides, the practitioners using this treatment get an extensive procedural training, thus the patient can be confident of getting the high-level and safe treatment. The chances of having any side effects are very small. The skin of the patient after therapy may be flushed; however, the redness will disappear within several hours. There might also be swelling, temporary bruising and numbness on some areas of the skin.

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