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    Hand Rejuvenation Is An Important Aspect Of Medical Lifting

    Like the face, the hands age in greater proportions because they are subjected to daily aggressions: frequent washing, use of cleaning products, cold, sun, etc. The skin of the hand is exposed to ageing yet more, because it is thin and fragile. Even if you use all the modern cosmetic means of keeping the youthful appearance of your hands, ageing of the skin of the hands is impossible to avoid. Fine lines, wrinkles, skeletonization are the main signs of aging hands. Thanks to the progress of aesthetic medicine it is possible to perform hand rejuvenation, the same way as it performed for the face. Hands are indeed an important factor in determining the apparent age of a person.

    Therapeutic Solutions For Hand Rejuvenation

    It can be considered as a treatment when:

    • The veins on your hands become prominent because of the volume loss
    • When age spots start to appear in the course of time
    • When fine lines and wrinkles start to appear on the skin of the hands
    • When you wish to improve the tone and the color of the skin on your hands.

    There are various treatment methods for hands. Among them are:

    • fillers, in the form of multiple injections into multiple locations
    • fat injections – fat transfer from one part of the body, where there is an excessive volume of it, to the area that has lost its volume
    • laser vein treatment for small to medium blood veins
    • superficial chemical fills
    • IPL (intense pulsed light) or PDT (photodynamic therapy)
    • Laser skin resurfacing, etc.

    Hand Rejuvenation In Switzerland

    Treatment of stains is performed either by laser or by peeling means. For crumpled skin, peels associated with mesotherapy are used. The skeletonization is the melting of the muscles of the back of the hand which is hollow, the bones and tendons become more prominent. The hand skin is treated by injections of hyaluronic acid, which restores the roundness of hands by filling the hollow sections.

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