About Us

SkinBeauty Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

At SkinBeauty Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinic We Render Advance and Ultra-Modern Dermatology Services.

The SkinBeauty Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinic of Solothum offers an extensive number of options and various fillers as well as skin care and rejuvenating treatments.

Our clinic offers advanced cosmetic treatments like Dermal Fillers, Botulinum Toxins, Threads available for both men and women.

SkinBeauty Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinic of Solothum is one of the leading medical facilities in Switzerland. The goal of our clinic is to achieve best results in skin care industry and to provide high-quality customer service to our patients.

Our Philosophy

At the SkinBeauty Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinic of Solothum, our philosophy is to provide a detailed presentation and of the treatment chosen for the patient, considering all the unique features and individual desires of each and every patient.

One of the key factors that makes our facility unique, is that we practice a long-term lifestyle approach to improving not only your outer appearance, but also how you feel on the inside, taking into consideration all the characteristics of your body, in order to improve the individual’s appearance by means of aesthetic medicine and harmonious and balanced therapy.

Due to this approach we achieve the desired balance that is vital to sustain the improvements of your overall quality of life!

Our Priority

At the SkinBeauty Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinic of Solothum, the number one priority is the health, beauty and the long-lasting after-treatment results for our clients. We want you to look as good as you feel inside! Call us to schedule a private, complementary consultation today or visit us to take a guest tour at our state-of-the-art facility. We are conveniently located in Solothum, Switzerland.

Skin, Body, Facial Skin Treatment and Rejuvenation Techniques

Our Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinic offers a full range of results-oriented skin, body facial skin rejuvenation and treatment procedures, performed in a calming and comfortable environment. Professionally trained specialists and nurses perform medical cosmetic procedures with the supervision of a board certified physician. Clinical procedures to rejuvenate the face and body include:

We look forward to providing high-quality services to you! Click the button below to make an appointment for your professional consultation and detailed skin analysis and to begin the journey of your transformation and rejuvenation.