Visia Complexion Analysis

Visia Complexion Analysis

What is Visia Complexion Analysis?

Business in all of your skin care services can easily be increased by the help of Visia Complexion Analysis. It suggests skin care practices all around the globe. It is a progressive technology that provides significant skin evaluations. The on-screen and printed reports become available and give a chance to follow the whole treatment progress.

Visia analysis the skin conditions, by looking out for wrinkles, spots, texture, pores and pigmentation. The procedures for applying Visia, presents a very helpful guide for the best rejuvenation and transformation.

Through the help of Visia, our clinic gives a thorough investigation on your individual characteristics, and as a result, enables the physician to carefully plan a transforming skin care program for your specific and appropriate body complexion.

Identifying your skin condition both surface and subsurface

Visia system multi-spectral imaging and analysis has been known to provide a clear, multi-dimensional image of the individual features of your complexion.

Designing an individualized program based on your specific results

With the aid of Visia’s perfect imaging of all areas affecting your skin complexion, the skin care professional can present the best renovating options for your unique combination of facial characteristics.

Renovate and retain facial vitality for lasting complexion health and continuous progress

According to the record on your complexion profile, your facial rejuvenation program will also include detailed recommendations for current skin care health with Visia imaging as a key aid in monitoring your complexion’s vivacity and checking effectiveness of your skin care regimen as time goes on. Without any doubt, Visia skin care system provides breakthrough for complexion renewal and corresponding maintenance.

The Multi-Spectral imaging system and investigations for ideal results

During the Visia imaging session, the multi-spectral imaging and examination systems are used to capture important visual information for six areas relating to complexion health and appearance. The six areas that are being affected are: wrinkles, spots, texture (color variation in the skin tone), porphyrins (evidence of bacteria in pores) and UV spots (characteristics of photo damage, typically from over exposure to sun). Furthermore, it very important to note that Visia provides useful comparisons of your complexion characteristics to your peers of same age and skin type.

This comprehensive information allows your skin care professional to present the best possible treatments and regimens that are suitable for you. Also, there is known to be a printed take home report, showing clearly the details of your imaging session and recommended rejuvenation and skin care options that will be good for your skin.

The Facial rejuvenation plan with respect to individual complexion profile

Your very first step in actualizing and achieving the best skin renewal and care needed to maintaining your complexion’s for your most radiant health is what is known as Visia Complexion Analysis.

With the Visia Complexion Analysis now it is only half of a step towards the best option of reaching the desirable kind of health and vitality. This analysis makes possible designing skin care programs that not only rejuvenate but also perfectly fit to the client’s unique complexion. After looking at some factors in the 90-Day Challenge we decided to demonstrate several facts considering the process of the Visia. It will help you to get better the whole picture of the real effectiveness of our products (and decide who won the challenge this time). First of all it is important to mention that during the challenge all participants were equally and objectively evaluated by the Visia machine. The machine analyzed their skin and gave a final visual analysis.

Visia Complexion Analysis

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