Micro Needling RF

Micro Needling RF

Micro Needling RF – What is it?

The method we use involves the dissemination of insulated micro-needles into the dermis to convey high-tensioned radiofrequency pulse into the tissue on target. This effect results in the body’s own synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers, thereby making the skin stronger and healthier. Our Micro Needling RF -machine works together with the micro needles, therefore the Micro Needling RF -machine works is not only on the outer layer of the skin, it infiltrate much deeper. Making your skin cool and healthier.

Some of amazing benefits you can get

  • It’s minimally invasive
  • There is a shorter procedure time and downtime
  • There is a minimal risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scaring


The micro-needles when introduced, make the piles for healing in the skin and stimulate the growth factor in order to drive the mechanism of the natural recovery. Its efficiency is said to be similar to peeling, but its mutilation on epidermis is well reduced.

  • Direct RF calorification on the target tissue by Fractional RF thermalizes (Thermal damage by segmented RF Emission).
  • Effective delivery of valid components through the expansion of intercellular route.
  • Also, included in this method of treatment, is a collagen mask, plus Cocoon’s 4 step skin treatment: hyaluronic acid for nourishing, Aloe Vera for soothing, aquaphor for moisturing and SPF30 for protection.

Nature of our post treatment care

Some few hours of about 24 hours, swelling and mild redness may occur immediately after the treatment. Therefore massage and extreme sun exposure should be avoided at this period. However, more aggressive treatment may result in skin flaking as the new skin layer redevelops. Moisturizers and broad spectrum sun screens are highly suggested during this recovery stage.

What to expect

Once RF energy is infiltrated into the dermis, the target tissue in dermis processes to redevelop the skin. For optimum result on acne scars and deep wrinkle folds, a combinatorial treatment with micro needling and fraction laser helps to flatten the uneven skin.The micro needles are driven directly into the skin at a certain depth, and the energy of a radiofrequency is then introduced inside the skin. This effect gives a more uniform deep tissue warming that will kindle the collagen and a new set of collagen fibers are then generated. The tip of the needles we used contains 25 very small gold needles acting as an internal conductor.

The face should to be anesthetized for 40 minute before starting the procedure. The procedure would take approximately form 20 to 30 minute depending on the area and pain threshold. As soon as the process is over, the face is warm, swolen and red. However after a period of 4 days, the marks generated by the needles will disappear, and you will feel that the skin of your face is more tighter and lifted.

After undergoing a few treatment, you will see a significant difference. It will help to reduce wrinkles, tighten and rejuvenate the skin, reduce size of the pores, etc.

With the combination of the micro needles and radiofrequency it would lead to a more noticeable improvement in your skin overall quality and texture. This combination therefore enables the process to treat a lot of concerns such as skin tightening and brightness, stretch marks and pore size reduction. This method is also very efficient in treatment of different types of scars such as ice pick scars, deep acne scars, atrophic scars, burns and operation scars.


Face Treatment

  • Acne Scars
  • Non-surgical Face Lifting
  • Pore Reduction
  • Scars
  • Skin Rejuvenation (Whitening)
  • Skin Tightening
  • Wrinkle Reduction

Body Treatment

  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Scars
  • Spider Veins (Veincure Option)
  • Stretch Marks
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