Acne Treatment

    Acne Treatment in Switzerland

    Acne Treatment in Switzerland

    What Are The Possible Causes Of Acne?

    The reasons why anyone can suffer from the appearance of acne may differ from hormone factors to medication, emotional stress and environment. However one of the most frequent causes of acneiform eruptions is an inappropriate skin care. By experimenting with the self-cure methods many affected persons use peelings and cosmetic products that contain acne-promoting components and therefore support the disease.

    Why Do You Need A Professional Acne Treatment In Switzerland?

    Most of the persons suffering from acne believe that the pimple will simply disappear or experiment with the self-cure methods. However in 99% it leads to the opposite effect and creates extra inflammatory skin appearances, which can also cause acneiform eruptions.

    By using the wrong cosmetic products (containing synthetic fat or vegetal waxes) that initiate the sticking together of skin flakes in the pores they only make the situation worse and loose the precious time.

    Treatment Of Acne In Switzerland

    The truth is that an efficient treatment requires a combination of appropriate skin care product, medication and patients’ self-discipline. To achieve visible and stable results one might need:

    • a regular and professional removal of the acne by an experienced dermatologist
    • possible additional medication
    • the right day-to-day care at home.

    Treatment Methods

    Treatment methods can significantly differ in each case. At SkinBeauty clinic in Switzerland we first find out the causes on the disease, and then chose the most effective and painless way to follow you to the desired result.

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    Make an appointment with the SkinBeauty clinic dermatologist in Switzerland today and we’ll help you choose the optimal care treatments to let you enjoy your clean and pure skin you deserve as soon as it’s possible.

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