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At SkinBeauty Care we render Advance and Ultra-modern dermatology service.


At Skinbeauty dermatology clinic, our goal is to professionally enhance the appearance of your skin so that others can only notice a fresher, more young-looking you.



At our skinbeauty clinic, we offer the most current and advanced dermatological services in the industry. Follow the link to learn more about our medical and cosmetic service.



Our aim in this industry is to provide our clients with the best of products available, by making available a premium line of solutions, cleaners, creams and exfoliants. These products are all readily available in our clinic as well as our online shops.


You are welcome to our “superb” skin care clinic

At skinbeauty clinic our dermatology experts are always available and ready to perfect and enhance beautiful skin for you. We offer numerous treatment options to address different type of dermal disease. Offering cosmetic dermatology in house, our skilled and experienced service providers will carefully analyze and diagnose your symptoms and create a special treatment procedure that is appropriate for you. We share in your concern and we do understand how difficult and painful it can be to suffer from persistent skin disorders. Therefore, for this reason allow our team of experts to help you. As specialists in cosmetic and medical dermatology, we can treat and handle dermatological issues of people of all ages. This include teenagers who suffer from acne, fungal infections, rosacea, and pigmentation disorders. Our customer treatment and overall satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, which is why we make deep research on cutting-edge technology and possible treatment options in offering our clients the best solutions. Our target is to help you have the best of looks. For the most advanced skin care dermatology in Switzerland with ultra-modern facilities, visit skinBeauty care now! To make an appointment with us and learn more about our products and services, call us now.


What We Offer

VISIA Hautanalyse

Visia complexion analysis systems, applies VISIA’s analysis of eight skin features to determine the patient’s overall skin condition and age. This process simply provides a revolutionary new metric that can aid with the selection of skin care and appropriate treatment options.



If you look to having an instant fresh and young look even at the last minute, our Jetpeel3 formula will give that to you. It’s very effective, and pain free treatment that will render a quick and successful outcome for you.


Micro-Needeling RF

The concept of micro-needling RF works together with radio frequency. It is also known as tiny micro-needles. At a certain level or depth, the needle is poked or introduced into the skin and then energy from a radiofrequency is introduced to complete the process.


Fat-Freezing (Cryolipolysis)

The fat-freezing technology uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate fat cells without surgery or downtime with results are lasting and undeniable.


Microneedeling Scars

Micro needling is a tool we use for the skin to stimulate new collagen. The final effect is skin renewal without damage. It generates full and undeniable prove for your skin.


LED Light Acne & Skin Tightening

The LED-Light treatments we offer using red and near infrared light will have a very significant effect on wrinkles, it will reduce pore size, improve skin texture, and give you a more healthier –looking skin.